Device Settings – Chitrawan Unique Net Private Limited.

Device Settings

Router / ONU Login

  • Open browser and enter the IP Address of the device.
          IP Address:
  • Fill the Username & Password of the device

Wireless Setting

  • Click on Wlan option.
  • SSID Name is your wifi name.If you want to change it remove and retype the new ssid.
  • If you want to hide your wifi name then remove the tick mark of Broadcast SSID.
  • If you want to change the password of your wifi then remove WPA PreSharedKey and retype the new one.
  • Press Apply to save the configration.

    Note: Do not remove any othet tick mark of the setting, It will affect the other setting.

Wan Access Control Configuration

  • Click on security option.
  • Click on Wan Access Control Configration.
  • Click on new.
  • Give a tick mark to enable setting in the enable option.
  • Slect the Wan name.
  • Give tick mark to all the option of protocol.
  • Click Apply option to save the configuration.
  • Please see the setting in the picture once.